Brittany Frothingham-Epply

Brittany is the Volunteer Coordinator for the Soulfest. She joined the SoulFest team in 2009 as a volunteer, and stepped into the coordinator role in 2011. She loves getting to know the many wonderful people who make up the SoulFest volunteer family, and helping to connect them with their volunteer teams. Outside of SoulFest, Brittany works as an office manager at a manufacturing company.

“Hi Everyone! SoulFest wouldn’t happen each year without a wonderful team of volunteers who come together and put in hard work to setup, staff, and tear down the festival. As you wander the SoulFest grounds, you will find volunteers hard at work selling merchandise, preparing food, manning entry gates, staffing the box office, distributing parking passes in the parking lot, unloading equipment backstage, and more. Volunteering with SoulFest gives you an opportunity to experience the festival in a fun new way. But when I ask volunteers what their favorite part of volunteering is, they consistently tell me it’s the people. The community that forms among SoulFest volunteers is a beautiful thing to witness. This will be my 10th festival coming up, and I’m still surprised every year by the acts of kindness I see among the volunteer community. SoulFest is about true love in action, and I see that displayed beautifully each summer among our volunteers. I would love to have you join us this year as we work together at SoulFest 2018! Visit the Volunteer Page for more information and to apply to volunteer. And don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. See you this summer!”