2018 Festival Dates:SF2014_24

Thu, August 2 to Sat, August 4

2018 Camping Dates:

Tue, July 31 to Sun, August 5

2-Day Camping:

Fri, August 3 to Sun, August 5


Majority of these sites are located within the gates of our campground.

• Site size is approximately 30ft x 30ft.
• Does not include a fire ring or picnic table. No open flame is allowed on site. Propane or charcoal cooking grills are permitted.
• Onsite parking is probable but not guaranteed due to changing weather and ground conditions.
• Site bases range from blacktop to grass to gravel with varying shade cover. These sites are appropriate for either tent camping or for trailers that do not require hook-up.
• None of these sections have a public water spigot. There are water station located in the surrounding sections, or at the bathrooms or bath houses.


Sites are located on Soulfest Venue side of the property. These sites are well suited for large groups as well as individuals.

• Approximate site size is 30ft x 30ft.
• These sites are on the level portions of our ski trails so some hiking may be required. The majority of the sites will be grassy.
• No onsite parking is available; however, convenient equipment unload/load areas will be available.
• These sites do not have fire rings and picnic tables so no open flames will be permitted on the sites. Propane or charcoal cooking grills are permitted.
• These sites are appropriate for tent camping only. No wheeled equipment will be permitted on these sites.
• There is no public water spigot in this section. The nearest water spigots are located at the bath houses.
• Port-o-potties are placed near these sites. Access to the campground bath houses is about 1/4 mile walk.
• The location of Mountainside sites will be made in the days just prior to the festival based on the venue setup and ground conditions. We are not able to guarantee that you will be in a specific location when reserving your Mountainside site.


A limited number of Mountainside sites will be available for Friday and Saturday nights only.   There is the probability that these would be walk-in sites, with parking available at the base of the ski trail.  Campers on these sites should plan to arrive by Friday afternoon.


Premium Site with electric/water/sewer* $405

Premium Site with 50 amp electric/water* $375

Premium Site with 30 amp electric/water* $365

Standard (Basic) Site* $275

SoulFest Campside $170

SoulFest Mountainside $150

Cabin $605 (includes 9% tax)

2-night Mountainside site (Friday/Saturday) $90

• Campers arriving on Tuesday will be guided directly to their sites. Those arriving on Wednesday will need to park and check-in at the Welcome Center for directions to their campsite. All campers should plan to be on site by Wednesday evening.
• Up to 12 people per campsite.

All reservations are made through Gunstock, not SoulFest. Book early for best selection. 

Click here for online reservations or call Gunstock at 603.293.4341

For reservations cancelled prior to June 1st, 50% of the total site fee is refundable.
No refunds will be made for cancellations after June 1st.


  1. Person registering for the site must be 18 years of age.
  2. There is a maximum of 12 people per site.
  3. Pets are not allowed on campsites or on the grounds of Gunstock during the festival.
  4. Please respect your neighbors in terms of noise and adhere to quiet hours between 12:30AM till 8:00AM.  The use of generators is not allowed during quiet hours.
  5. Vehicles must be contained within the boundaries of your site.  Overflow parking will be provided for any vehicles that do not fit on your site.
  6. The posted speed limit in the campground is 5 MPH on dirt roads and 15 MPH on paved roads.
  7. Unregistered motorized vehicles, including golf carts, ATVs and dirt bikes, are not permitted on Gunstock property.
  8. Please respect your campsite and the privacy of others at their sites.
  9. Premium and standard campsites will have one picnic table at each site.  Please do not take a table that does not belong on your site.
  10. Fires are allowed only on premium and standard sites equipped with a fire ring or fire pit provided by Gunstock.  There are NO fires allowed on Campside or Mountainside sites.  For your safety, please keep all fires knee high and in the fire pits or rings. Please do not move the fire rings or rearrange the fire pits.
  11. Do not bring any firewood onto Gunstock property that has not been harvested locally or kiln-dried.  Firewood can be purchased at the Mountainside Outfitters Camp Store.   Please refer to the NH Division of Forest and Land’s web site (www.nhdfl.org) for the most current information on bans on importing untreated firewood into the state.  Firewood is a major source of damaging insects and diseases.  This ban will help protect the health of New Hampshire’s forests.
  12. Do not cut any standing trees. There is a $100 fine for cutting trees.
  13. No one is permitted in the maintenance yards, ski jump area, on the ATA course or Zip Tour platforms, or inside any other venue after hours.
  14. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult to the pool.
  15. The use or possession of alcoholic beverages and drugs are not allowed in the campground or on the grounds of Gunstock during the festival.
  16. Gunstock is located in the town of Gilford.  Town ordinances prohibit the possession and display of fireworks, including those that are permitted in other New Hampshire towns.   Use of fireworks in the campground will result in eviction.
  17. There will be no visitors in the campground during this event.  A visitor is anyone not registered on a campsite.
  18. Deposit your trash in the dumpsters located throughout the campground.  Please secure your trash at night, as we are regularly visited by small animals.
  19. Garden hoses cannot be attached to public water spigots.  Water and electricity provided on Premium sites is for one site only.
  20. Electric outlets on the outside of buildings cannot be used to provide electricity for your site.
  21. All tents, tarps and other camping equipment must be contained within your designated site.
  22. Anyone asked to leave the Campground due to disturbances will forfeit their campground site fee.
  23. Camping at Gunstock during SoulFest is reserved exclusively for multi-day SoulFest ticket buyers.
  24. All rules and policies required by the management of SoulFest 2018 will apply to all campers.