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Q: What is SOULFEST?
  • A: SOULFEST is New England’s premier Multi-day Music Festival and Family Retreat. SOULFEST has 5 stages featuring over 75 world-renowned Christian artists and speakers. SoulFest is three days and nights of inspiring music, activities, and fellowship, all in a safe and beautiful setting. Whether camping onsite or locally, staying in one of the many motels, condos, and hotels, or attending for the day, SoulFest offers a unique and inspiring experience for families, churches and youth groups, and individuals.


Q: When does SOULFEST take place?
  • A: SOULFEST 2018 will take place from Thursday, August 2 through Saturday, August 4. Events begin at 9am Thursday through midnight on Saturday evening.
    Campers can come in on Wednesday and stay through Sunday to make the trip easier.


Q: Where is SOULFEST held?

A: SoulFest is held at the beautiful Gunstock Mountain Resort in Gilford, NH, the heart of the New Hampshire Lakes Region.

GPS address: 719 Cherry Valley Road, Gilford, NH 03249

From I-93 North: Take exit 20 in Tilton, NH. Turn left on Rte. 3N. Travel along Rte. 3N for about 10 minutes. Bear right onto the Laconia By-Pass 3/11 (just past the Belknap Mall). Take the second exit, Rte.11A in Gilford. Turn right at end of exit ramp. Follow 11A east approximately 5 miles to Gunstock Mountain Resort. Entrance is on the right.

From I-95 North: Just south of Portsmouth take split to Routes 4 & 16 (Newington). This will put you on the Spaulding Turnpike. Take Spaulding Turnpike to exit 15W for Rte. 11W to Alton. Stay on Rte. 11 around Alton traffic circle and around Alton Bay. Take a left onto Rte. 11A. Take Rte. 11A approximately 5 miles to Gunstock entrance on left.

From South or West of Boston, MA: It may be best to travel north on I-95 or I-495 and then exit off onto I-93 north. This route is probably quicker than following I-95 to Portsmouth NH, although traffic conditions can vary.


Q: How much does it cost to go to SOULFEST?
  • A: Prices vary depending on if you want a multi-day pass or a single day pass and depending on what time of the year you purchase them. Prices increase at the beginning of each month to encourage early buying. Click here for a full list of prices.


Q: What is SOULFEST’s Objective?
  • A: Apart from presenting a high quality, safe and family oriented music festival, in a beautiful setting, the objective has been to provide an event where families, youth groups and individuals can experience the unique fellowship, inspiration and greater understanding of what it means to be someone who is dedicated to pursuing True Love in their homes and their communities and throughout every aspect of their lives.


Q: What is the primary theme of SOULFEST?
  • A: The primary theme is to recognize the revolution of True Love that Jesus began. From the center of our hearts and souls, to the most far reaching circles of the world, SoulFest serves to encourage and inspire all to live this revolution.


Q: What’s with the name SoulFest?
  • A: As much as we love R & B and Gospel, “Soul” refers to that part about us that’s eternal and transcends the flesh. A Soul-Connected person is someone who is nuturing his or her own Soul. We believe loving one another, helping those in need, looking out after widows and orphans, are primary ways we can feed our own soul as well as feed the souls of others. Action over words… At SoulFest you’ll hear talk about what it means to live from the inside out as a soul-connected believer in True Love and you’ll be giving opportunities to get involved.


Q: Where does Social Responsibility fit into the SoulFest agenda?
  • A: As news of the AIDS pandemic made it to the US in the mid 1990s, a statistic surfaced stating: “only 6% of the Church in North American thinks the AIDS pandemic is an important issue and half of those people think it’s a well deserved judgement.” That statistic, true or not, along with a growing concern many shared about whether or not their Christian faith was relevant, served as a catalyst for starting SoulFest. From year one, SoulFest invited Doctors and AIDS workers as well as individuals with AIDS to participate in educating, and inspire involvement. At SoulFest 07, 3 inidividuals who had escaped from the LRA (children abducted in this army) in Uganda spoke at SoulFest. SoulFest has evolved to become champions of smaller New England based charities as well as continuing an effort to raise awareness and inspire responses to the plight of Africans, the results of extreme poverty in the US and abroad, modern slavery, and other critical issues. Jesus wasn’t giving advice when He said to Love our neighbor and look out after the least of these. Matthew 25: 1-46 is printed in every issue of the festival program. True Believers are known in their communities for their acts of compassion, kindness and humility, not their religious affiliation. We believe our lives will be more fulfilling, more abundant if we are actively engaged in our communities, in our world, fighting against injustice and dedicated to wiping out extreme poverty in our life time.


Q: Where do I stay during SOULFEST?

There are many places to stay during SOULFEST. Most people camp onsite. We have an elaborate list of local hotels, motels, cottages, and even off-site campsites here on our website. Click here for information on camping & lodging options.


Q: What do I eat at SOULFEST?
  • A: There are a number of delicious options onsite ranging from traditional “fair foods” to more healthy options. Including a variety of ethnic foods, pizza, New England staples, ice creams and deep fried desserts!


Q: What should I do if I can only go for one day?
  • A: SOULFEST offers single-day passes for each day of the festival. If parking fills in the main lot there is extra parking on site with shuttles to make it easy for all.


Q: What if I’m coming for the whole time, where do I park my car during SOULFEST?
  • A: There is parking for over 3000 cars at Gunstock. Come early to get some of the closest spaces for you and your group. All on-site campers must leave their car at their site to save room for commuters. All parking is $10 a day and will be available for purchase on site upon arrival.


Q: What should I bring to SOULFEST if I’m camping?
  • A: Here’s a list that has been developed from SOULFEST camping veterans throughout the years:
    * Bible, Pen, Paper
    * Tent
    * Tarps – One for over your tent and one for underneath
    * Sleeping bag or blankets
    * Mattress, Cushion, or cot to sleep on
    * Pillow
    * Clothes for 4 days (Thursday – Sunday)
    * Swimsuit and towel to use at the pond or pool
    * Sweatshirt and long pants – It can get very cold at night
    * First-Aid kit (band-aids, etc.)
    * Personal hygiene items (toothpaste, deodorant, etc…)
    * Sunblock, sunglasses, hat
    * Insect repellant
    * Biodegradable soap (for you and your dishes)
    * Stove and cookware – BBQ grills, hibachis, etc. Plates, cups, and utensils
    * Air-tight coolers for all food – Please keep all food in AIR-TIGHT CONTAINTERS. New Hampshire BLACK BEARS are real! Ice will be sold on-site for coolers.
    * Food, drinking water and spices (preferably food that will not spoil easy)
    * Rain coat / Rain gear / Umbrella – SOULFEST is a rain or shine event
    * Rope, string, stakes, etc.
    * Hammer, knife, etc (so you can make use of the above items)
    * Flashlight and extra batteries
    * Bike, skateboard, rollerblades
    * Trash bags – For trash, raincoats, and stinky laundry
    * Camera, Film, and Spare Batteries
    * If required by church or youth group, don’t forget parent/guardian permission slip
    * Tickets & Upgrades! Don’t forget them at home – If you don’t have your upgrade passes you’ll have to buy new ones. (unless you’re picking them up at Will Call).  Tickets can be looked up at the Box Office by your email.


Q: Can I bring a cooler to SoulFest?
  • A: No coolers larger than 15″ x 10″ x 10″ (L x W x H) will be allowed at Soulfest. Coolers can be soft or hard coolers however.


Q: Will I need money at SOULFEST?
  • A: Yes. SOULFEST is the best place to find the latest in music, clothing, books, etc. Also, throughout the day, you may want to purchase a snack or two. We recommend at least $50 per person.


Q: What is the weather like at SOULFEST? And what happens when it rains at SOULFEST?
  • A: The average high temperature at SOULFEST is 82º and the average low temperature is 53º. If it rains at SOULFEST we keep going, as long as conditions are safe for operation.


Q: I’ve ordered my tickets. Where are they?
  • A: All tickets are sent via email from Eventbrite. You can bring a PDF print-out of the ticket or a have the ticket scanned straight from your smartphone. Upgrades are either shipped or held at Will Call depending on when you order them.


Q: Does my pass include camping or is there an additional fee to camp?
  • A: SoulFest Passes are for entrance to the Festival only. There is a fee, and extra wristband to camp. To reserve your site call Gunstock Mountain Resort at 603-293-4341.


Q: Something has come up, can I get a refund?
  • A: We do not offer any refunds or exchanges. Click here for our entire list of policies.


Q: I want to help spread the word, what’s the best way I can tell my friends about SOULFEST?
  • A: We have downloadable flyers that you can print off, please visit the Media section of the website. You can also contact our office for additional promotional materials. Click here for downloads.


Q: I’m interested in volunteering, where can I get more information?
  • A: Click here to go to the volunteer page for more information.