The purpose of SoulFest is to celebrate God’s love and encourage all who attend to live from the inside out as soul-connected, risk-taking Believers in God’s love. A clearer understanding of God’s love will increase our capacity to love ourselves, those with whom we live, and our neighbors. Our capacity to take action against any injustice will increase when we truly believe that God’s love is real, for everyone, prevails and is unconditional.

SoulFest And Social Responsibility

We recognize that the majority of our audience is churched and in relationship with Christ. Our hope is to make more tangible the reality of God’s love for self and neighbor. Therefore we have a huge emphasis on social responsibility. Social responsibility seems to be a more acceptable term than social justice, which is a very broad concept and topic.  At the SoulFest we choose to view the broad concept of “social justice” through a Christian lens. Or, maybe more specifically through the life and teachings of Jesus and the whole of scripture. The concept of a “God of Justice” in scripture is unavoidable. Just as unavoidable through the scripture is the call to love your neighbor, care for those less fortunate, supply to the orphan and the widows, and the list goes on. “True religion” is even described in James 1:27 as looking after the orphans and the widows. Jesus says something very radical in Matthew 25:40. He says whatever we do for the “least of these” we do for Him. So do we promote the cause of “social justice” at the SoulFest? Absolutely. And without hesitation. And we do these things through the lens of the gospel and with the examples and teachings of Christ in mind. We find nothing compromising or controversial when it comes to the SoulFest raising awareness and funds to help stop human trafficking, or to liberate woman from the sex-slave industry, to end abortion, to provide clean water solutions to impoverished nations, or to create orphanages, schools, and give medical care to children who have access to none of those things.

It is important to note that the SoulFest is not a church. We are not trying to be a church. We value the church locally and worldwide. And we are comprised of many different backgrounds and beliefs within the church as a staff and amongst our attendees at the festival. This is by design. We are not trying to promote a specific denomination or specific theology at the SoulFest. But instead we are coming together as people and artists of faith choosing to focus on a central theme and topic that the gospels present: LOVE.

We wrap it up in the tagline Music, Love, Action and it is all part of the revolution that Jesus started.

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