Join the SoulFest Ambassador Program!

We’re looking for people enthusiastic about the SoulFest with energy to spread the word. Help us promote SoulFest and earn free admission and upgrades for VIP experiences at the festival!


Registration Is Simple

Simply email to confirm that you would like to officially be on the team. We’ll confirm your free membership. It’s that simple.  You’re not required to do anything. However, the more you do, the more you’ll receive in return!


We’ll Send You The Materials

We’ll contact you to inquire how many promotional materials you think you can distribute (based on size of your church / community where you’ll be promoting) and get your mailing address. Then we’ll ship you a box of promotional materials including bookmarks, bulletins, and posters as seen here, so you can get started.





Start Spreading The Word

Since you already love SoulFest, this is easy!  Promote by hanging posters, getting your church to include our bulletin inserts on a Sunday, show our promotional video during a service or event (and even talk about SoulFest), hand out flyers at events and schools or just about any other creative method you can think of. We’ve even had a Street Team member get us promotion on a radio station in their area.




Earn Free Stuff

For every promotional effort, we’ll award you points. Some activities already have points, but if you get creative, just ask us how many points you can get for following through on a new idea. The more creative you get and the more people you bring in through promoting, the more points you get! The sky is the limit!

Everything you do has a point value:
    • Hang 20 posters in different locations = 20 points
    • Get your church to insert SoulFest bulletins (or hand them out at your church) = 10 points
    • Show our SoulFest promo video at your church = 5 points
    • Talk about SoulFest during your church service or youth group = 5 points
    • Hand out SoulFest flyers at an event = 10 points


Report and Redeem Points:

Each point is equivalent to $1.00. Add up your points and report them to We’ll confirm your total and then you can redeem the amount for SoulFest tickets and upgrades. Check out the prices here of each item you’re interested in earning. The dollar amount is equal to the points needed to earn that prize. All points must be redeemed before July 15, 2016.

*Street Team points may NOT be redeemed for tickets to any other shows besides SoulFest unless otherwise stated. Street Team members will have a cap of earning a maximum of two (2) multi-day SoulFest passes. Any points earned beyond that may be redeemed for upgrades. Points may not be redeemed for SoulFest clothing or merchandise. 


For more information contact or call 978-346-4577