SoulFest 2017 Stories & Highlights

The SoulFest 2017 has come to a close, which means it’s time to share our favorite memories from the festival!

Check out what some of our featured Speakers, Ministry Partners, Vendors, and Attendees have to say about this year’s festival! More than the music, we love hearing the stories of true revival during our festivals. Read below and be encouraged!

…I couldn’t be more grateful and to make connections, networking and be surrounded with like-minded Christians who were there to worship God and give Him praise and glory is definitely worth the trip
– Alain Greg Contreras, Triumph Wear

A couple came up to me after one of the [Anti-Trafficking] talks. They had attended SoulFest a few years ago, and heard about human trafficking there for the first time. They were SO moved by it that the wife, a writer, started writing about it in blogs and publications for the NOMI Network. The husband, a physician in NYC and an avid biker, created an organization called Cycles4Change ( that has raised thousands of dollars for anti-trafficking organizations through cycling events. As a physician in NYC, he is a medical partner now with RestoreNYC, the primary safehouse for survivors in the city, and will soon be working on bringing in the Freedom Initiative folks from Mass General to train physicians in ALL hospitals in NYC in strategies/protocols for identifying trafficking victims and providing strategic response. Because they went to SoulFest.
– Bob Atherton, THRIVE New England

One of the individuals who came with us [The Salvation Army] during our breakdown period on Sunday accepted Jesus as his Savior at the cross. In fact even as I type this I am moved to tears to know that that was the reason he was there in the first place. God knew even before anyone else did!! I was blessed to be involved in what was a very personal moment between another human being and my Savior who is now even more importantly his Savior as well.
– Joseph Swistak, The Salvation Army

We made so many new friends at SoulFest 2017. After our presentation on the Revival Stage, hundreds of individuals came by our tent to ask questions and get more information about our ministry in Haiti.
– Lex Edme, Mission of Hope International

Every day has it’s share of highlights. Interaction with both volunteers and patrons keeps us going. A personal high point for the weekend was the opportunity to pray with a number of people with some needs. It’s always good to see familiar faces that we’ve met over the years at SoulFest.
Bonhoeffer’s Best JavaFest

This was our (I believe) 8th or 9th year at the festival, and every year has been an incredible mix of meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends and stories. For this year, we rolled out an activation where we invited people to write down “the one thing you wish you could say” and take “the one thing you need to hear.” At the very end of the weekend, a woman approached the activation with 6 kids all ranging in age from 7 to 15. She had the kids huddle around her and said “Everyone read some cards and take the card that you think was written just for you.” They did as she asked, and stayed put until everyone had a card. The woman asked if I’d listen to them read the cards that they picked. A little girl said “You are not Alone.” A middle school boy said “You are worthy of Love.” The oldest boy there, maybe 15, said “I Forgive You, Now Forgive Yourself.” As the kids left, the woman hugged me and thanked us for having this activation. She told me that all those kids were in the foster program, some of them are orphaned and most of them had lived through sexual or domestic violence. Hearing them accept and vocalize encouragement, and seeing a smile spread as the words left their mouths…man, that’s just simply not something you forget.
– Chad Moses, To Write Love on Her Arms

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