About the Street Team

The Street Team system is simple. You come up with ways to promote SoulFest in your community. We'll give you points, and then you can redeem the points at any time before August 1, 2015 (the week before SoulFest 2015). The more creative you get and the more people you bring in through promoting, the more points you get! Email rramey@thesoulfest.com to confirm that you would like to officially be on the team. You will then be mailed a box of promotional materials. Please reply with your address and how many posters/bulletin inserts/flyers you would like to start with.

Ways You Can Promote

The sky is the limit! You can promote by hanging posters, getting your church to include our bulletin inserts in their bulletin, show your church our promotional videos, talk about SoulFest, hand out flyers at events and schools or just about any other creative method you can think of. Last year, we even had a Street Team member who was able to get us promotion on a radio station in their area. Let us know if you have any great ideas and we'll give them a point value.

After You Promote, We'll Give You Free Stuff

Everything you do will have a point value:
  • Hang 20 posters in different locations = 20 points
  • Get your church to insert SoulFest bulletins stuffers (or hand them out at your church) =10 points
  • Show our SoulFest promo video at your church =5 points
  • Talk about SoulFest during your church service or youth group= 5 points
  • Hand out SoulFest flyers at an event= 10 points

  • *If you have other ideas for promoting SoulFest let us know and we'll give your idea a point value.

    Each point is equivalent to $1.00. Get points to earn:
  • Multi-day admission pass: However many points the ticket is in dollars at any given time.
  • Meet and Greet pass: 60 points
  • Any other SoulFest tickets or upgrades to SoulFest: However many points the item is in dollars
  • *Street Team points may NOT be redeemed for tickets to any other shows besides SoulFest unless otherwise stated. Street Team members will have a cap of earning a maximum of two (2) multi-day SoulFest passes. Any points earned beyond that may be redeemed for upgrades. Points may not be redeemed for SoulFest clothing or merchandise.

    For more information contact rramey@thesoulfest.com or call 978-346-4577

    Help spread the word

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